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What makes nuBulder Forte different from other low-code application builders?

Self contained environment

nuBuilder Forte is a self contained application builder that both users and developers can be logged into at the same time.
All nuBuilder Forte development is done as a logged in user. There is no separate tool needed to create Forms or Reports and all customisation is stored in the database making it easy to back up and restore.

nuBuilder Forte is open-source. This means not only is it free to use but it can be hosted wherever you choose. Many low-code alternatives to nuBuilder Forte require you use their product on their PaaS (Platform as a Service). This means you can never own your software you can only rent it.

A low-code tool like nuBuilder Forte means that a large part of your application can be created without writing any code, although most applications still require some code to validate fields or to update other tables in the database.
Industry Standard Languages

Customising nuBuilder Forte can be done using PHP and Javascript. Many Low-code tools require learning new propriety languages which further increase the learning curve for developers.

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